Authors’ Co-op

The Authors’ Co-op is a partnership between The Writing Corner and Counselor’s Heart Publishing. Its purpose is to encourage new writers to pursue their craft, and to present these writers to the world through our website, anthologies, and magazines. Additionally, we want to assist writers to develop their own audience, and to nurture and grow their fan base to help assure their future success.

Benefits of Joining the Writing Corner Author Co-op

All members of the Writing Corner Author Co-op will receive:

Coaching through all phases of writing and publishing

Membership in the Counselor’s Heart Publishing Author’s Team

Inclusion in Counselor’s Heart Publishing magazines and anthologies

An author website

Help developing their platform and growing their fan lists

Help preparing their material for book publication, including:




Publication of authors’ books under the Counselor’s Heart Publishing imprint

Help with marketing their books


Authors retain all rights to their work

Authors receive 75% royalty on all their published books

Authors can try the program for a full 60 days, and if unsatisfied, they can cancel any time within that 60 day period and receive a full refund.

Authors can cancel their membership at any time (after the 60 day period) with no penalties.


To purchase all of the services listed above separately would take more than $2,000.00 (at least). But by joining our co-op, you will have access to all of these services for only $17 per month!   Join now!

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